Snapchat now allows creators to show their subscribers

 Great for branding deals

Snapchat now allows creators to show their subscribers

Snapchat now allows creators to advertise their subscribers. This is the first time that Snapchat has given its users any kind of general metric about followers or audiences, and it represents a fundamental change to the platform, as Tubefilter first reported it. In a statement , a Snap spokesperson said: “We have heard comments from our community of creators and many of them have expressed interest in having the option to show that their community on Snapchat is growing,” which is why they make the subscribers' charges visible. Creators can decide to turn this feature on or off from their settings.

The company introduced creator profiles in September, which give users on the platform more insights about their audience and help them coordinate with brands. The fact that Snap says its creators want to showcase their growing community with general subscriber numbers indicates that they want a metric that engages with audiences to show how successful they are at brands. On Instagram, for example, brands often look at follower counts and engagement rates to gauge how important the creator is to the platform. On Snapchat, brands have had to ask creators to share these details before committing to a deal. Making these metrics public simplifies that conversation and helps creators and brands decide whether a deal will work between them. This may then lead to Snapchat becoming a more suitable platform for creators in general as more influencers see an opportunity to work.

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